Firmin de la Forêt Verte

D Ch loof - Ch Tica Fimin de la Forêt Verte

Double Champion Loof & Champion Tica

Blue smoke boy born on 18th may 2010

Father of Ghost Wisperer (cattery de Chyoui Lhan- Fr), Genza (Anamur Cattery - Ru), Gizeh (stays), Gazell (stays) and Ganiye (sold) with mother Eadylle (2011).

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Father of Hartic, Hyria, Hawk-Eye (solds) and Hypnotic Hiti (cattery d'Aysun - Ch) with mother Erin (2012).

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Father of Hermine and Hocelot (solds) with mother Fabiola (Cattery du Clos Dame Gille - 2012).

Father of Indji (sold) with mother Dilara (Cattery du Clos Dame Gille - 2013).

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Father of Jaslan (sold), Jaanaï (cattery - Fr), Jeyan (sold) and Jaylin (Meinkuns Cattery - LV) with mother Ilka (2014).

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